Thinking about moving out of London?

It is becoming increasingly common for families to relocate out of central London to neighbouring towns in Kingston, Tonbridge, St Albans and Woking. Over the past few months approximately 30% of moves we have completed have been for families wanting to get out of the big smoke. This isn’t just elderly looking to retire, but also young couples and families with young children.

If you’re contemplating moving out of London but are still on the fence then have a read below. I spoke to a couple of clients who moved out of London and asked them why? Why would you move out of the city when everything you need is within an inconvenient 5min walk or one stop on the tube?!

Here’s what they had to say –

The majority of towns just outside the M25 are a short train ride to central London stations Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo and Kings Cross. Usually on a Monday to Friday rail services offer express trains which have minimal stops to central London. St Albans to Paddington is only 50 minutes and Tonbridge to Bank only 46 minutes. That is approximately 1.5 to two hours out of you day spent on a train. At least half of that time is spent on a train where you can sit down and read the paper without a fellow passenger breathing down your neck with their stale morning breath.

Unless you’re very lucky, the majority of houses in London do not have a back yard and if they do it’s not big enough to play footy in. Yes London is full of endless green parks that are well groomed and maintained, but where are your kids going to be able to burn off all their energy in a supervised environment where you don’t have to leave the house?! When moving out of central London you are almost guaranteed to have some sort of backyard and if you don’t the local school definitely will.

Charging for a tube everyday then fighting to get onto that tube definitely takes its toll. Adding to that the fumes and black dust you breathe in when walking the streets of central London definitely can’t be good on the old lungs.

Getting out of central London definitely takes a huge weight off your shoulders and is also good for your health ☺.

Jake George
Move Manager