What to look out for when receiving an ‘over the phone’ quotation.

When moving in London we always recommend you have a surveyor come out an assess your property before providing a quotation so they can gain a better and more accurate understanding of the size of your move and how it will be carried out. However this is not always possible due to a variety of reasons and a lot of removals companies in London will provide an estimate quotation over the phone.

Below are a few key points you should look out for when receiving that quick fire quote over the phone when moving in London:


The majority of removals companies in London will only provide an estimate quotation over the phone and not a fixed price. Be aware, even though they might say your move will only take four hours it may blow out to seven and end up leaving a big hole in your wallet.


Ensure you tell them as much information as possible about your move. For example if you don’t explain to them that your sofa had to come through the window on the second floor and they do not have sufficient resources allocated to your move this will end up costing you a lot more. You would most likely require a hoist to get you sofa put; call out fees for hoists when moving in London are over £300.00 for one hour! Remember; if you don’t tell them, they won’t know!

The small print

Yes, something we all can’t be bothered reading. But the small print is even more important when booking a move from an over the phone quotation as quite often the small details are missed that are explained during a survey. To ensure there are no surprises make sure you are aware of the companies’ insurance policies, work that is included and excluded and what your responsibilities are when booking a move. You can check out our terms here: https://kiwimovers.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

Jake George