Packing Tips can be a lifesaver when moving home. Unfortunately, packing can be one of the most tedious parts  when moving house but one of the most important as well. For those that haven’t moved before, packing involves wrapping pictures with bubble wrap, wrapping breakables with paper and putting what ever item can fit into a box, into a box. Having some useful packing tips always helps reduce this burden.

Below are some packing tips which will ensure your goods are well looked after when moving:


When moving house you will most likely have a variety of boxes to pack your goods in to. Whatever can go in a box evenly, without leaving a  big mound in the middle should go in a box. This will make the removal process a lot quicker as the boxes will stack nice and evenly in the truck, van or whatever your mode of transport may be! Instead of throwing anything and everything into a box, it is best to pack your house room by room and clearly label each box i.e. books – living room. So when you unpack at your new address, you won’t have a problem finding anything.

Another good packing tip when using boxes or items that can be very heavy when packed together should be put into the small boxes (books, plates, ornaments etc.). Items that are not so heavy should be packed into large boxes (linen, pillows and clothing). This is to ensure you can lift the box and the box won’t break. If you have a large box full of books you won’t be able to lift it without hurting yourself and the box won’t be able to handle the weight without breaking. This  is a definitely important packing tip!

Pictures and Mirrors

This is where bubble wrap comes in handy. We anticipate the most of your pictures and mirrors are valuable and/or sentimental so breaking them can be quite upsetting. To make sure the glass covers don’t crack or a corner isn’t chipped, cover your pictures and mirrors with bubble wrap. The most effective way to do this is by taping the bubble wrap to the bottom corner, then going up the picture/mirror slowly. Wrap it around until you get to the top, then go the opposite way back down to ensure there are no gaps and both ends are fully covered. You can use as much bubble wrap as you like depending on how valuable it is to you! Our team also use blankets to cover pictures and mirrors when they are in the truck to give them that extra bit of protection whilst in transit. These are all good packing tips.


Ornaments, plates, cups, china and glasses are all classed as ‘breakables’ in moving terms. If these items are not packed correctly they will break very easily when moving, especially in transit. As a packing tip, breakables need to be wrapped in paper or for larger items use bubble wrap. The best paper to use is A2 size butchers paper. You can use newspaper; however this sometimes leaves marks from the ink.

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Jake George

Move Manager