Was Santa good to you? Time to make extra space with self storage London or moving in London to a bigger place?

Christmas is a hectic time of year and with gifts and the Boxing Day sales we can often amass a lot of new items that require additional storage, rubbish removal or we have to start thinking about getting a bigger place and moving in London.

January usually signals the time to cut back on the excesses, taking stock after what is enviably an expensive December and planning for the new year ahead. As the economy seems to now be getting stronger, the housing market has picked up and people are generally feeling a little more confident. If this year you are planning to undertake renovations, upsize or downsize, there are a few considerations that you might want to think about now.

January Clear Out

Traditionally we think about Spring as the time to clear out our old or unwanted stuff, but it is always prudent to get ahead of the game and clear out your cupboards, donating to charity shops or using a rubbish removal service. Storage in London is always at a premium, so the earlier you get on to this the better. If by the end of January that new home gym or running machine is starting to look less of a good idea than it was at the start of January, self storage can also be another good idea.

Moving Home

The bigger option though is always to move home. Moving in London takes time though, as the buying process can be long and drawn out, while actually securing the place you want may take many months. To make your move in summer as most want to, you really need to start looking now. If you are renting, January can be a good time to get a better deal.

Whatever you plan to do in 2014, we wish you a safe and prosperous year!