Moving around the corner can be stressful enough, but a long distance move from London is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish’. Along with the emotional factor of moving out of London you need to take into account the timing of your move and the removal company needs to ensure everything will fit as they won’t be going back for a second trip!

Here at Kiwi Movers we define a long distance move as anything out of Greater London or the M25. As with all moves, long distance moves from London are priced on the size of truck and amount of labour you require. The more you take the more expensive it will be. Depending how far you are moving it may be more cost effective if you sell/leave furniture in London.

Recently we completed a long distance move from London to Liverpool. This was a self pack move and completed over two days; on day one our team loaded the trucks and day two after a very early start our team drove to Liverpool and unloaded the trucks. Our team were lucky with this long distance move from London and only hit minor traffic on the way. Being a winter move they were also lucky enough not to be held up by flooding, snow or debris on the way. Legally, drivers can only stay at the wheel up to 4.5 hours without stopping and most trucks have to be under a certain weight depending on their size. As this was a long distance move from London (over five hours) we needed to take into account driver fatigue and the weight of the load/s.

If you are considering a long distance move from London, don’t stress and please get in touch!

Jake George

Move Manager