There are many movers in London to choose from but finding a company that best fits your needs can be a small (or rather large) problem.

If you Google ‘movers in London’ the search will come up with an endless list of movers. Everyday I’m out and about surveying potential jobs, and every day I come across another moving company in London that I didn’t know of. The actual barriers to entry in the industry are low, so it pays to do your research and be comfortable with the removal company that you choose. 

With this massive pool of movers in London to choose from surely you will find the right one?

Timeout magazine published an article a few years back about finding a removal firm. It states word of mouth as the best method to choose your mover in London. I couldn’t agree more; there is a very high chance you know someone that has recently used a mover in London, whether it’s another parent from your children’s school, a mother from your buggy group or a mate your catching up for a beer with, ask them about their experiences and recommendations for movers in London. If they don’t have any, I’m sure they will know someone who does.

All professional movers in London will have a website and majority of them will be involved in social media. Nearly everything this day and age is discussed, debated and reviewed on the internet through bloggers, forums and social media. Funny enough this doesn’t exclude movers in London! This opens them up (us as well!) to being complemented, critiqued, told how to move a fridge and the one we all appreciate the most, thanked.

If you are still on the fence as to what mover in London to use; join the Nappy Valley Buggy Club, meet a mate for a beer or jump online and join the conversations. You’ll definitely find a mover in London.

Jake George

Move Manager