Movings tips are always useful to make your move go a bit smoother. Something that we try and deliver everytime at Kiwi Movers. Here are a few helpful moving tips for moving put together by our Move Manager, Jake George.

At Kiwi Movers we try to ensure your move is completed in a stress free, efficient and professional manner, there is a few things though that if you are moving, some moving tips could help make process all the more smoother, and also so we don’t come across any unexpected obstacles!


We all know parking in London is awful, even on my scooter it can be difficult to find a park! Good parking can be the make or break of a removal. If you are a lucky one and have a driveway that is big enough to fit one Luton truck (equivalent to 1.5 parking bays), then depending on the size of your move you won’t need to organise anything. But for the majority of our clients you will need to reserve or apply for a parking bay suspension through your local council. Most of the councils in London are now up with technology so this can all be done online. Most councils need at least 5 – 10 working days to process an application. If you have visitors’ parking permits we can use these instead of applying for a suspension, however you will need to ensure a parking bay is reserved within a 20m walking distance of your front door. If however, there isn’t sufficient time to reserve bays through your council, then placing some bins, your car or having a friendly word with your neighbours the night before your move can do the trick to. 


Moving can be quite an emotional experience, especially if you are moving from the family home which is rich in memories from your children and even Grandchildren growing up. A good moving tip is de-cluttering will ensure your move is completed faster particularly if we are packing for you, which in turn will make your move cheaper. We don’t want you to throw away old family pictures or items of furniture that have been passed down through the generations but merely just get rid of things that aren’t used anymore. These could be books, papers, empty toiletries or old electronics that no longer work.


Tight hallways, narrow stairwells, lofts and cellars are all part of living in London. For the majority of our removals we send out our surveyor to meet you at your property so we can gain a better understanding of what we will be moving and how it will be carried out. Although our surveyor will ask you, this is a good time to let him know about any difficult access, including at your new address– did any furniture come through a window when it was brought in, will a door need to be taken off, or did any furniture need to go over your back fence and around the back of your house? You laugh, but we get it all! This is key amongst our moving tips, it is even more important to let us know if your survey is carried out over the phone as we will not see your property until the day of your move.

One of our last moving tips that will ensure your move is off to a good start is a cup of tea ready for the team on arrival! Especially if it is a cold winters day! ☺

For a bit more friendly advice, check out our Moving Tips video below.