Moving with a bag Removal with Hoists provided by Kiwi Movers are a service we provide. London always manages to throw a few curveballs with accessing properties. One of the most common is accessing properties using a hoist, especially when faced with items that are too big to go up stairs or through doorways. Hoists can also speed up the process considerably when you are located on the third floor or above. What might take many more hours and a lot more labour can be done more cost effectively using a hoist. 

We always like to apply the Number 8 wire approach (ingenuity) to problem solving at Kiwi. We use a range of different size hoists depending on the job requirements. Our experienced team can advise what will best suit your needs. Some of the considerations you will need to consider is the access to your property for hoist access, generally speaking if you can park outside then hoist access shouldn’t be a problem. If you are located on a busy road with lots of pedestrian’s then you will need to consider a council dispensation to close the footpath. Remember, that safety comes first and when you are lifting objects at height we must work within the law.

Generally speaking though a hoist will cost an upfront fee for the first hour and is then charged at a lower rate for each additional hour. The hoist always comes with a qualified technician.

Once on site, our skilled team will remove the window if required and reinstall this on completion. If for any reason the access requires a specialist for listed buildings then we may be required to have a specialist do this.

If you have any questions about hoists, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Here are some images of a recent job moving a very expensive sofa to the top floor.