Moving just across the river to Hammersmith? You don’t necessarily need a full removals service complete with enormous moving lorry and a full moving crew. Instead, you could save yourself some cash (and hassle) with a simple yet effective man and van Wandsworth to Hammersmith service.

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Why man and van is a great option for short trips

It isn’t far at all between the thriving London boroughs of Wandsworth and Hammersmith and Fulham. It’s just a short hop over the Thames, a distance of less than 5 miles. On a good day when traffic isn’t too nightmarish, you should be able to complete this journey in around half an hour.

For such a short journey, it simply doesn’t make sense to call in a full removals company complete with all the bells and whistles. But what if you don’t have a car? Not many Londoners do, with public transport networks being so good and parking being nigh-on impossible. You can’t get all your stuff on the tube and driving a hired van across London yourself can be extremely stressful – and shifting everything can be exhausting too! This is why the best solution is to hire a man and van service, with all the heavy lifting, driving and parking taken care of.

You pay by the hour, rather than having to book in a full day when you might only need a fraction of that time. It’s also a good option if you only have a few boxes to move, rather than a whole houseful plus grand piano, four-poster bed and collection of family heirlooms.

It’s a great choice for:

  • Students moving in or out of halls
  • People moving in or out of fully furnished properties
  • Small or short-distance moves.


How much will man and van Wandsworth to Hammersmith cost?

Our man and van service from Wandsworth to Hammersmith and Fulham charges by the hour, so you only pay for time you use. Our team are super-efficient too, so if we can shave some time off to save you money, then we will.

If you can be all packed up and ready to go outside your house, you could get the whole job done in as little as an hour. At our great value hourly rates, this means a total price of just £75 plus VAT. Top tip – this is our off-peak price, so make sure to choose a quieter time for your move to save cash.

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The importance of choosing wisely

In one way, house movers are lucky to have such an enormous choice of Wandsworth to Hammersmith man and van services to pick from nowadays. It seems like everyone with a van has started up their own business. On the other hand, this means that there are likely to be a lot more cowboys, con men and simply inexperienced services about – especially online and on social media. It’s crucial to choose carefully, only going with a company you feel 100% comfortable with.

Kiwi Movers has an exceptional reputation for man and van house moves. We have an experienced team (who won’t break your stuff) and a fleet of clean, well-maintained vans (that will always turn up on time). We’re fully insured, great value and promise to make moving day a breeze. Call on 020 8877 9682* to book your move.