International Shipping has a few more considerations than you would think. At Kiwi Movers we offer international shipping to help you pack up shop and relocating your family overseas? Coming to the end of your visa and need to send some boxes home? Or have you just purchased a rather expensive sofa and need it shipped overseas? These are all types of shipping that have their own issues and a bit of information about where to start and your options will get you along way.

Household Removals
Moving house can be demanding, but moving your entire house to a new country is a lot more demanding! Things that you will need to consider include; will you need storage? If you are only temporarily relocating this can be a good option. If you are going to a place that is landlocked or not on regular shipping routes then this will add to the cost and also possibly extend the time your goods will take based on shipping frequency. Then of course there are local customs to navigate. Some countries are certainly easier than others, so you need to have a good understanding of the customs laws. For instance that wooden statue you picked up in Africa may not be allowed where you are going, and having receipts to avoid local import taxes can be helpful.
So, as you can see moving overseas requires a little more attention than moving to another borough within London. Items need be wrapped and covered to an international shipping standard, which basically means export packing everything and crating those items which are too large for a box or are extremely valuable.
Baggage Shipping
A lot of us Antipodeans (me included!) have accumulated a lot of stuff since we have been living in London and do not want to backpack our way home with it! If you need to send a few small boxes home or send a parcel to a loved one for Christmas this is pretty straightforward. This type of shipping is called excess baggage. We offer a door to door service and depending on the final destination we offer air, sea and road freight services.
Furniture Shipping
Whether it’s a brand new sofa, a chandelier or your favourite rocking chair that you left behind, we can ensure it gets to your overseas destination on time and hassle free. We currently work with many high end furniture companies in the UK who have a large international customer base. These companies come to us because they need to ensure the furniture gets to their customer in prompt fashion but completed with extreme care. Our team at Kiwi Movers will ensure your furniture is wrapped and crated correctly so it arrives on your step looking exactly how it did in the picture!
When choosing your shipper you need to be confident that your items will get their on time and in the same state as they left. At Kiwi Movers we ship all types of items from one off boxes to antique furniture. We were even asked to ship a light plane – yep that is completely true and is actually easier than you think.
Anyway, as you can see there are a few things to consider, so please feel free to call us at Kiwi Movers to discuss your shipping requirements or visit our shipping section.


Jake George

Move Manager